My practice

“The key to healing is the presence and attitude of the therapist.”

Sensei Masunaga

Touch is the most powerful healing tool there is. The great shiatsu masters have always known this. I’ve based my whole practice on this ancient wisdom, as well as on the teachings of Sensei Ohashi, Sensei Pauline Sasaki and Sensei Tetsuro Saito, among others.

The four pillars of my practice

The art of shiatsu demands a tremendous amount of both being rigorous and letting go. Over the years, I clarify the four essential pillars of a harmonious and efficient practice of my art:

  • being present and listening
  • being compassionate and kind
  • being accurate and precise
  • having faith in the body’s power to heal itself

From one appointment to the next, the therapeutic relationship transforms, as does the client’s state. Thanks to these four pillars, I’m able to adapt to the needs of my clients and to respect their healing process. This is what makes each treatment unique.

Being present and listening

Being present and listening gives me a privileged access to people who come to see me. I’m therefore able to understand their needs and to gather the necessary information to address them. This pillar is, in my opinion, the fundamental element of any therapeutic relationship.

Being accurate and precise

Compassion deeply influences my approach. It calls for respect of the human being in their entirety, as well as a kind attitude regarding the hardships and suffering in their life. This second pillar also allows to develop what I call a “healthy curiosity”, without any judgement.

Being compassionate and kind

A precise and accurate touch allows for an efficient intervention on both the symptoms and their causes. As a result of years of practice and a “trained intuition”, my touch helps my clients to relax and to heal. This third pillar is a bit like the therapist’s signature.

Faith in the wisdom of the body

Shiatsu is an invitation to well-being and to healing. That said, for my work to have a positive effect on my clients, I must believe in their power to heal themselves and invite them to share this belief. This fourth pillar is about hope, resilience and inner strength.

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“Stéphane Vien is a master of his art and has the greatest respect for life. His charisma and his soft strength make us feel like he’s here to help us. He is welcoming and non-judgemental, and this is part of why he is such an excellent therapist.”

Isabelle S., Montreal

“For me, receiving a shiatsu massage is pure happiness. It’s a moment when I’m not being judged, and when I’m not judging myself. I’ve been working with Stéphane in shiatsu for seven years, now. His hands work in harmony with his heart and his intuition.”

Suzanne G., Montreal

“I see Stéphane as a psychologist for the body. He allows me to focus and to free myself form tensions in my body. After a session with him, I’m always a lot more calm, rested and ready to go toe to toe with life.”

Jessy M., Montreal

“Stéphane’s long experience gives him not only a deep knowledge of the body and of its issues, but also a human approach and understanding of others so that the treatments he gives are adapted to each of his clients. I’ve recommended Stéphane on many occasions, and I knew every time that I would hear extremely positive comments towards him.”

Bruno T., Montreal

Appointments: 514-473-0006

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