“I do not teach, I tell.”


Shiatsu is an art. One that requires a long apprenticeship. Its objective is to develop a trained intuition. As in any other art form, its mastery demands rigor, discipline and passion.

It is very important for me to offer a stimulating education, in an environment that lends itself to discoveries and exchanges. Also, each of my classes mixes theory and practice. I am firmly convinced that practicing shiatsu requires not only a deep knowledge of techniques and katas, but also of traditional Chinese medicine, its philosophy, and most importantly of its application within shiatsu.

In fact, I want above all to teach my students to learn so that their apprenticeship of shiatsu becomes the beginning of an enriching journey, from both a personal and professional perspective.

Trainings offered at Kiné-Concept

In 1993, Kiné-Concept entrusted me with the mission to develop a training program in shiatsu-do and in shiatsu according to the teachings of Master Masunaga.


(1st year)

A 480-hour-long training during which the student learns the theoretical knowledge and fundamental practices that allow him to perform a shiatsu massage (katas, classical meridians, work postures, foundation of traditional Chinese medicine, etc.).

shiatsu-do teaching

Shiatsu Masunaga

(2nd year)

A 300-hour-long training where the student increases his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, discovers Masunaga’s approach (katas, classical meridians, work postures) and studies moxibustion and the basics of face reading.

Shiatsu according to Sensei Masunaga

Continuing education (in Canada and abroad)

I also give continuing education courses to therapists and shiatsu practitioners who wish to perfect their knowledge. Since these courses are only offered occasionally, I invite you to subscribe to my newsletter so I can let you know of the next training dates.

Initiation to peripheral reading of meridians (PRM)

his course is one of a kind. I have developed PRM over the course of the past few years as a complement to the reading of the hara. With this new tool, you will have access to an additional layer of information, which will allow for an even more accurate and efficient intervention.

Initiation to peripheral reading of meridians (PRM)

Migraines, headaches, lumbar pain and sciatica

You will use Bo shin (observing), Setsu shin (palpation), le Mon shin (questioning) and Bun shin (listening and observing globally) to identify the cause of problems reviewed. You will then learn katas, techniques and useful points to treat these problems.

Migraines, headaches, lumbar pain and sciatica course

Introduction to kiology

In this theoretical course, you will acquire precious tools to better understand you clients and accompany them. By having a more precise knowledge of the five elements and their influence on our state and our behaviours, you will be better equipped to understand and apply a holistic intervention.

Kiologie teaching

Intervention on the spine

Pain in the back and the neck are common nowadays. In this workshop, you will learn techniques that are simple and efficient to evaluate the problem, establish an intervention strategy, do prevention and relieve pain. Those interventions don’t require any direct sedation on the spine structure.

Intervention on the spine course

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“Stéphane is an outstanding teacher. I call him my ‘magic teacher’, because he shows his students much more than a technique. We also learn tools to build our own approach to this marvelous art. He leads us with generosity and simplicity to develop our knowledge and our experience as well as to give our own unique colours to our shiatsu treatments. So we shouldn’t be surprised if, on our futon, a little bit of magic happens with every encounter.”

Sophie, L. (Montreal)

“Thank you very much for those four days, where human warmth is intertwined to energy warmth. Your message passed on to us with seriousness, humility and love has filled out our ‘toolbox’, as you put it.”

Alain, B. (Brittany, France)

“Thank you for your welcome and your mindfulness and the warmth of our conversations. Stéphane, your teaching is luminous. I really appreciated your simplicity and humility during this exchange. Thank you for ‘giving’ us (and it was a gift) so many things. We all come out different and more autonomous regarding our shiatsu treatments.”

Claire A. (Brittany, France)

By his teachings, Stéphane Vien transmits a strong clinical experience with liveliness, humour and generosity. He is an essential resource for anyone who wishes to increase their knowledge of shiatsu!”

Alain, P. (Montreal)

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